Locherber Aramaik diffuser

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An aromatic, sweet, woody fragrance that will delight all the senses.

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Brand Locherber Milano
Category Home Diffusers

The scent of myrrh, flowers and spices will enchant you and make your house smell wonderful.

Aramaik fragrance composition:
Bergamot, bitter orange.
Heart: aralia, geranium
Base: amber, myrrh, vanilla, guaiac wood, patchouli, agarwood (oudh)

Suggested location: hotel reception, living room, restaurant, master bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, guest room, lounge, showroom, cars, yachts, ladies boutique, spa.

Always choose the size of the diffuser according to the size of the space where you want to place it.

Get inspired by the ancient scents of several types of myrrh and other spices. Myrrh is a component of incense and was already highly valued in antiquity: its value was sometimes even higher than its weight in gold. Myrrh is also mentioned in the Bible in the Gospel of St. Matthew, as one of the 3 gifts brought by the Magi (three kings) at the birth of Jesus. The oil of myrrh was also rubbed on Jesus' body.

Thus, the name ARAMAIK and the composition of this fragrance refers to the ancient Aramaic language (some of whose symbols you can see on the label of Aramaik fragrances), the language Jesus probably spoke. The scent of myrrh is very intense and very lasting.

All diffusers are refillable
The designer aroma diffuser Locherber Milano is the ideal addition to your home, which will also gently and pleasantly scent your premises.
The cubic bottle made of thick glass, hand-painted
concentrated fragrance, wooden cap with metal plate with Locherber Milano logo

The release of the fragrance essence does not produce any substances harmful to the body
very high proportion of fragrance - 20% fragrance essence.

Locherber Milano aroma diffusers are exceptional not only in appearance but also in fragrance. The original registered design of the bottles and wooden caps took its inspiration from classical architecture, where it is based on the column heads.
The fragrances contain the purest 98% percent alcohol - alcohol is precisely the best carrier for perfumes, something mankind has known since the year 1000, when the Higher Institute of Sciences in Salerno replaced oil with alcohol as the auxiliary substance that carries perfume. Benedictine monks then, as a result of the Crusades to the Holy Land, understood from Arabic manuscripts the secret of distillation.
Locherber Milano aromatic diffusers contain 20% of the fragrance essences themselves, which is really a lot, and therefore the fragrance develops beautifully.

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