Locherber Malabar Pepper diffuser Gift box

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Oriental, aromatic, spicy, woody fragrance

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Brand Locherber Milano
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The set includes:
Empty hand-dyed 500 ml bottle of Locherber Milano
Luxury walnut cap with metal plate
500 ml diffuser refill in the fragrance of your choice
Diffuser sticks

The sophisticated formula of this men's sexy Malabar Pepper fragrance contains natural fragrance ingredients:
Head: ginger, orange, bergamot, cinnamon
Heart: myrtle, geranium, black pepper, nutmeg, elemi, eugenol
Base: cypress, patchouli, vetiver, cedarwood

A fragrance inspired by the Malabar Coast of India, a place where one of the finest pepper varieties ever is grown. A fresh, slightly animalic, earthy, slightly spicy smoky scent that harmonizes body and soul.

Recommended location: hotel/reception, living areas, restaurant/kitchen, master bedroom, guest room, car/yacht showroom, smoking rooms, lounges, executive offices, men's boutique, barber shop.Always choose the size of the diffuser according to the size of the space where you want to place it.

The uniqueness of the Locherber Milano brand is the workmanship, which includes a cubic bottle made of hand-painted glass, concentrated pure fragrance, hand-worked end caps, cloth label on the packaging and diffuser and sticks. A design that pleasantly scents the surroundings and natural or recyclable material.

Natural pure fragrance: the refill is made of pure natural ingredients from controlled origin and the processing is completely Made in Italy. The release of the fragrance essence does not produce any substances harmful to the body.
Very high percentage of fragrance - 20% fragrance essence.

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