Locherber Klinto 1817 diffuser

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The smell of ripe strawberries and grapes, memories of sunny Tuscany

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Brand Locherber Milano
Category Home Diffusers

Head: blackcurrant, grape, redcurrant, orange
Heart: truffle, raspberry, violet, honeysuckle
Base: vanilla, Virginia cedarwood

Widespread especially in Veneto, the Clinto wine (or clintòn) was drunk in a 'scuea' (bowl) and accompanied the frugal meal of those in the countryside who shared it with friends along with a good slice of salami or 'sopressa' and a 'ciopeta' (the typical loaf). It arrived in the old continent from America at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the phylloxera, a tiny parasitic insect on the vine, seriously endangered viticulture throughout Europe. It was thus decided to graft the European vine on American vine root and hybrids, resistant to the attacks of this devastating parasite. The Clinto was born precisely from the crossing of two varieties of wild American vines, characterized by a deep purple color, an intense fruity aroma and an unmistakable strawberry flavor. An intriguing and little known wine, interesting to discover and, above all, difficult to find, from which we drew inspiration for the creation of this new, exciting and seductive fragrance.

Location: hotel/reception, living rooms,restaurants/kitchen, showrooms cars, yachts,executive offices, men's boutiques, Barber shop. Always choose the size of the diffuser according to the size of the space where you want to place it.

The uniqueness of the Locherber Milano brand is the workmanship which includes a cubic bottle made of hand-painted glass, concentrated pure fragrance, hand-worked end caps, fabric label on the packaging and diffuser and wands. A design that pleasantly scents the surroundings and natural or recyclable material.

Natural pure fragrance: the refill is made of pure natural ingredients from controlled origin and the processing is completely Made in Italy. The release of the fragrance essence does not produce any substances harmful to the body.

A very high percentage of fragrance - 20% fragrance essence.

The package includes, of course, an already filled special square bottle made of thick glass and a handmade decorative wooden cap with a hole into which the included sticks are inserted after opening the diffuser. The sticks gradually absorb the fragrant essence and then facilitate its diffusion into the surrounding environment. The fragrance develops non-violently and is delicately scented.

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